Northern Lake Living

Northern Lake Living

When searching for a place to call home, northern Michigan beckons. With an unofficial slogan of “my home is your vacation,” northern Michigan provides a way of life all its own. What better way to celebrate putting down roots than by swinging by the lake on your way home from work?


Across the five county region of northwest lower Michigan, there are wide expanses of farmland, tiny villages that look like they sprang up from storybooks, towns that stand on their own two feet. They all surround the City of Traverse City which, with a permanent population of 20,000, is not necessarily a booming metropolis. For us, our northern Michigan way of life is about the communities that we’ve built, not the notoriety we’ve achieved.

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The Traverse City area has begun an upward trajectory towards growth and change. With a lively and dedicated millennial workforce and plenty of inspiration from the beauty that is northern Michigan, it’s no surprise that we’ve christened a new professional ideal: “when you love [where you live], you’ll never work a day in your life.”

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From annual festivals to rousing nightlife to family fun, the greater Traverse City area is rife with exciting activities! Hoping to catch some live music on a Wednesday night in February? Not a problem. Looking to partake in the ‘foodie culture’ you’ve heard so much about? Just head to the nearest restaurant. Whatever your passion, northern Michigan has it.

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